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This is a challenging piece of art to find if you don’t have the coordinates and a picture of what you are looking for! It’s really good and worth stopping to see. You will find a goat head on top of a skinny pole right next to the sidewalk in downtown Edmond. You can see from the photo taken across the street that from many angles this looks like a street pole and until you look from a certain angle you won’t realize there’s a goat head on top. The height is 80 inches (according to the artist’s website).

I am going on a limb here describing what I see: I actually see two different goat heads. One is the larger piece in the shape of a goat head, with the nose being the second goat head with more detail. The smaller goat head has a beard and more detail to the face.

Photos and description by silverquill at


Artist: Tim Cherry

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Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2004