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Twin Stars

Collection: Publicly Owned
Twin Stars

Sponsor: Edmond Visual Arts Commission partnered with Dana Shadid, Family and Friends of Randel Shadid

Dana Shadid’s story on the acquisition of Twin Stars: Twin Stars caught my eye at the sculpture show in Loveland a few years ago. The artist is one of our favorites – Kevin Robb. Twin Stars was to me, symbolic of the man I married who has become addicted to art and especially to getting a piece of public art on almost every corner in Edmond. While many recognize him as a “star” of the public art program in Edmond, he is also a star for being the catalyst of many things that make Edmond the community it is today. During his time on the City Council and then as Mayor, he continually strived to make Edmond the best possible place to live, work and raise a family. He fought hard on some pretty unpopular issues at the time —- no smoking in public places, landscaping requirements, strict building codes, more land for parks and commercial sign size and look, to name just a few. The 7 Eleven store at the corner of Boulevard and 15th has a rust colored roof because Randel didn’t think the typical orange roofs on 7 Eleven stores fit in with the neighborhood look. So he would not vote for the building until that change was made. He wrote the ordinance that required restaurants in Edmond to have a designated no-smoking section. This was one of the first (if not the first) ordinance of its kind in the state. There are many more stories like that. Those moving to Edmond now do

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Artist: Kevin Robb

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Medium type: Stainless Steel

Date created: 2013