Truth Seeker

Sponsor:  Purchased with 1% CIP funds through the Edmond Visual Arts Commission

Truth Seeker is one of Edmond’s newest outdoor public art sculptures. It is located on the NE corner of Boulevard and Campbell, with parking available just a few feet away.

A male figure with high cheek bones is in a seated position, looking slightly upward. His left arm is outstretched, with palm up in an stance showing expectancy. His right arm is crossed across his torso, with the right hand resting on the upper left arm.

The man is barefoot, and wears a loose robe for clothing. His left leg it outstretched in front of him, and his right leg is bent and resting under his left leg. The man has a look of expectancy about it, like he is waiting for a response.

The sculpture is placed on top of a square concrete foundation.

Collection: Publicly Owned

Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2010


Artist: Gregory Reade

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