Sponsor: Edmond Visual Arts Commission partnered with Randel and Dana Shadid

Triangles is impossible to miss as you drive down Boulevard. It is about 8 feet tall, bright red, and consists of 6 triangles. The triangles are different sizes and shapes, and are connected to each other at different angles and facing different directions. This piece really should be placed in front of the Math Dept. at the University of Central Oklahoma, just down the street!

The collection of 6 triangles is on top of a black square box about 2 feet tall. The sculpture is in the median of Boulevard, a block and a half south of Danforth.

This is one of over a hundred outdoor public sculptures placed around town, many in conjuction with the Edmond Visual Arts Commission. Some of the pieces of art are purchased by individuals, some by businesses.

Collection: Publicly Owned

Medium type: Steel

Date created: 2010


Artist: Jim Stewart

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