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The Devon Mosaic: As Long as the Waters Flow

Location: Bricktown Canal
The Devon Mosaic: As Long as the Waters Flow

As a part of the Oklahoma Centennial Celebration in 2007, Devon Energy funded the installation of this 1150-square-foot mosaic at the northwest corner of the Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City.

The project was designed and led by Mary Ann Moore, an arts professor from Oklahoma City Community College. Students, volunteers, and artists spent over a year cutting, glazing, and firing thousands of handmade porcelain tiles comprising this mosaic representing the history and landscape of this great state.

The middle panel contains water troughs that empty into a pool and create an elegant waterfall into the canal. The tiles picture a sun and small animals scampering across the vast plains. To the left are many unique features of our state, including a Redbud (the state tree), a buffalo, and “a hawk making lazy circles in the sky” (featured in the state song). Native American women pour their jugs out, creating a 3D component to the mosaic as real water flows out of three openings in the wall.


1 E California Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73104


Artist: Mary Ann Moore

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Medium type: Tile; Water Feature / Fountain

Date created: 2007