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Collection: Publicly Owned

Edmond is a town with dozens and dozens of outdoor sculptures, many of which are in the Smithsonian Database. This is a steel sculpture with a powder coating. It is 78″ x 24″ x 13″. It is one of several in Edmond by sculptor, Joe Slack. (visit link)

The sculpture stands on a steel cube approximately one foot cubed, painted white. It appears to my untrained eye to be the figure of a woman, painted aqua, with a lighter aqua “squiggle” down the length of the body. One open circle in the “head” would seem to be the “eye.”

The sculpture stands on the median of this divided street, directly across from a dentist’s office addressed at 1900 S. Kelly. On the base in raised weld is the name “Substance” and the signature “Slack 11” indicating it was created in 2011.


Artist: Joe Slack

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Medium type: Steel

Date created: 2011