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Shaman of the Benediction

Collection: Publicly Owned
Shaman of the Benediction

Sponsor: Edmond Visual Arts Commission partnered with Dr. Krista Jones and Dr. Craig Stinson

This sculpture uses a hodgepodge of items put together to form the shape of a Shaman and the things he holds. A set of horns is used to form the head of the figure. The top right hand holds up a long pole with a circle on top, with a bird perched on top of that with a small spiral in its mouth. The lower right hand helps support the pole.

The top left hand holds up a large spiral on a pole that has some things that appear to be sun catchers on the lower level. On the front of the shaman, etched into the lower torso, is a figure of a shaman. At both shoulders hang several gold rings. A sun-shaped dream catcher hangs from the middle of the right arm.

It’s easy to miss from the parking lot since at that view it’s only about 2 inches wide. This is one of many pieces of art placed around town by the Visual Arts Commission, partnering with local businesses and individuals.


Artist: Bill Worrell

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Date created: 2003