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On The Edge

Collection: Publicly Owned
Location: Mitch Park
On The Edge

Sponsor: Purchased with 1% CIP funds and matching partnership funds with Randel Shadid, R.C. Van Nostrand and the YMCA through the Edmond Visual Arts Commission

This bronze sculpture was created by Clay Enoch. His website states that his work gravitates toward uplifting and inspirational themes, with an emphasis on composition. He is looking for the right posture, the natural stance, the proper spacing, the perfect tension to make the work sculpturally compelling.

This sculpture fits that bill perfectly. It shows a pool ladder and the edge coping of a pool. Grabbing hold of the pool’s edge, with their heads above it, are five children of various ages. The whimsical nature of the sculpture gives us a “fish-eye” view of the children’s bodies beneath the “water”. It’s comical to see one little girl with swim fins on her feet, and another with her legs out to the sides in a playful stance. It would be difficult to see this sculpture without a smile popping up on your face.

The sculpture was placed in May 2016, and at this time, a plaque has yet to be installed. The sculpture stands at the front entrance to the YMCA in Mitch Park.


Artist: Clay Enoch

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Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2014