Mark Twain

Sponsor: Edmond Visual Arts Commission partnered with R.C. and Billie Van Nostrand

On the north side of Edmond is a large retirement community, including homes, apartments, and assisted living facilities. This sculpture of Mark Twain is a bronze life-sized work which has Twain sitting on a metal park bench. He is sitting at one end, with his legs crossed, his head erect, and his hands folded at his knees, holding a small open book. Since it was Winter at the time of our visit, some local Edmonite had added a scarf and knitted cap to our famous author.He is easily recognizable with his large mustache and heavy eyebrows, and an expression which appears to be alert, intelligent, and slightly mischievous. He is dressed in a three-piece suit with a bow tie.

Collection: Publicly Owned

Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2013


Artist: Gary Lee Price

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