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Kinetic Air

Collection: Publicly Owned
Kinetic Air

Sponsor: Edmond Visual Arts Commission partnered with University of Central Oklahoma College of Arts & Media Design

This is a beautiful vertical statue of two dancers, and is placed in front of UCO’s performance venue (Mitchell Hall). Musical performances, Drama dept. productions, and celebrity guests can all be seen at this theater. The sculpture was placed by the University of Central Oklahoma, the City of Edmond, and the Visual Arts Commission.

I love the view of the silhouette against the sky. The statue’s height really catches your eye as you drive by the UCO campus.
In this piece of art, a man is standing straight, using one hand to hold up a female dancer. Both figures are in dance attire: the man wears long dance sweats and a thin t-shirt. The woman is wearing a leotard and short dance skirt. The two dancers are looking at each other. The man has his left arm straight down at his side, holding up the woman by her waist, with his right arm stretched up high. The woman’s left leg is pointed straight down at the ground, and her right leg is pointing out and up into the air. The female dancer’s right arm is stretched straight up, and her left arm is down directly below her, bracing herself against the man’s neck/shoulder area.


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Artist: Rich Muno

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Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2004