Golden Broncho

Sponsor: Privately Owned by UCO

The University of Central Oklahoma is the oldest school of higher learning in the state of Oklahoma. First known as the Oklahoma Territorial Normal School (for teacher education), it later became known as Central State University, and in 1991, the University of Central Oklahoma. The team mascot is the Broncho.

The sculpture is made of metal and painted gold, however, it does not appear to be bronze. It is mounted above head-height on a concrete base which stands in an elevated six-sided garden. The broncho is rearing on its two hind legs, with its forelegs pawing the air, its mouth open and its ears alert. The sculpture has a large grassy field in front of it and it can be seen from a great distance, in its victory pose. There is no dedication plaque or sculptor’s name shown.

Collection: Privately Owned

Medium type: Bronze

Date created: Unknown


Artist: Unknown

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