Fishing Hole

Sponsor: Edmond Visual Arts Commission partnered with Oklahoma City Abstract & Title Company

Fishing Hole depicts a young boy, sitting a log, fishing at the pond. Bronze fish are attached to the end of the fishing line, adding some nice touches to the sculpture. the boy is straddling the log, with his left leg on the log, supported by the left foot. His right leg is dangling off the log, slightly curved underneath it for balance. He holds the fishing pole with both hands, with his left hand in the middle of the pole, and his right hand at the back. The cuffs of his pants are rolled up.

The sculpture is placed on a rectangular concrete base, near the gorgeously landscaped pond. This pond has an abundance of trees, other landscaping, and large rocks. A fountain is in the center. This is a popular pond for ducks to hang out.

Collection: Publicly Owned

Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2004


Artist: Mark Hopkins

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