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Compass Rose

Compass Rose

In the words of the artist, Owen Morrel:

“During the four years I have been working in Oklahoma City on Compass Rose I have become familiar with a great community spirit and entrepreneurial ambition, not only in the leadership groups but also in the younger constituency of the City. I have seen a City transformed in this brief period.

“Compass Rose” can become the metaphor for a development which is already well underway. It is a monument to the perseverance and ambitious energy of Oklahomans.
“Compass Rose” is a door through which visitors, and dwellers of the City can pass to make discoveries about the act of seeing, the powers of pure geometry and the potential of positive thought. The central disk, a propeller-like shape gives homage to the four winds, and alludes to the perpetual motion within which we exist.

Seeing one’s own image in the surface of “The Compass” against reflected fragments of the surrounding environs forces a re-orientation within the changing vistas of the sculpture. The viewer/participant and the contextual elements of the site are transported to the interior of the sculpture to create a collage into which the viewer enters. It is within the seductive surfaces of the sculpture that the viewer is asked to coexist, explore and reorder visual reality. In a parallel way the activities of the Boathouse District Park beckon viewers to become active participants in the various challenging structures the Park offers; “Compass Rose” asks visi

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725 S Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK, 73129


Artist: Owen Morrel



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Medium type: Steel

Date created: 2013