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Belly Dancer

Collection: Publicly Owned
Location: Oncue
Belly Dancer

Sponsor: Edmond Visual Arts Commission partnered with OnCue

Artist bio: 

As a sculptor, I consistently return to the original education I received from my father who said that sculpture is first and foremost about shape and form. All shapes in nature are beautiful by themselves without personality or story line, so when you look at my work I want you to be inspired to explore these forms by touching the smooth surfaces and curved lines of the bronze. It’s from these interactive shapes that expressive personalities, anthropomorphic traits and wider concepts begin to emerge. While bronze is often translated into static objects, I want my work to express more than a single form. After I sculpt a piece I step back from that object and see a spirit or intelligence existing within the work, one that my collectors can relate to as an emotion we feel as human beings, from playful curiosity to quiet contemplation. The greatest award I’ve received as an artist is the personal connection I’ve established with my collector base and the opportunity to witness their emotional responses to my sculptures. I thrive on curious play and exploration in the studio and my collectors enable me to continuously make new developments, concepts and ideas for my work as I continue to grow as an artist.


3201 S Kelly Ave., Edmond, OK, 73013


Artist: Joshua Tobey

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Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2014