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Collection: Publicly Owned

Sponsor: Edmond Visual Arts Commission partnered with Randel Shadid

Artist bio:

My work is conceptual. I begin each piece with a question, usually related to human roles or relationships.  I examine myths, symbols, and the origins of how we define ourselves.  Sometimes, my work takes me deep into personal experience as I try to understand events in my life. Other times, my work requires me to be more academic. I study history, philosophy, religion and the origin of words to understand the things that have shaped me. I do not believe that art is merely a reflection of what we see in the world.

Instead, for me, art is a process of discovery where the work teaches me as much as I shape it. If a topic is worthy as a subject, I know little about it, even as it creates a deep emotional response in me. I try to explore what I do not know, seeking to give form and voice to the thing in each of us that is silent and tantric.


Artist: Destiny Allison


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Medium type: Bronze

Date created: 2007