The Depot

The Depot

Gallery - Park / Garden - Performing Arts Center - Studio


 (405) 307-9320

 200 S Jones Ave, Norman, OK 73069

In the fall of 2003, Norman’s historic Santa Fe Depot became the home of the newly incorporated performing arts studio now known as The Depot. The gallery in the north room of The Depot hosts six exhibitions a year for two months at a time and is home to 10 resident artists. Programming also includes live music, workshops and monthly poetry readings. The space is available to rent for special occasions.

Programs are funded by grants from the Norman Arts Council, Oklahoma Arts Council the Kirkpatrick Foundation, and our community and corporate sponsors; memberships and income from Depot rentals.

The Norman Santa Fe Depot is also an operating train depot for The Heartland Flyer. Trains stop at each morning on the way to Ft. Worth. The Depot is host to departing passengers and provides coffee as passengers enjoy the gallery exhibitions while waiting for the train. Train reservations/tickets MUST be procured from Amtrak in advance (you cannot purchase them at The Depot).

OUR VISION: A community connected
through shared artistic experiences

OUR MISSION: to create, curate, and present quality arts programs to connect
and enrich our community

OUR VALUES: Community,
Creativity, Inclusion, Representation, Intentionality, Quality

Location Info

The Depot

200 S Jones Ave

Norman, OK 73069