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St. Luke's Poteet Theatre

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 222 NW 15th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Welcome to the St. Luke’s Cindy L. Poteet Theatre!

The idea for this performance space came back in 1995 when our first theatre director, Jason Johnston, descended the narthex steps for the thousandth time. He looked at what was then the Youth Lounge, but he saw something different. He saw the elements necessary to design a theatre: a lobby, a stage, a tech booth, rehearsal spaces, and of course a concession stand!

In March of 1999, while the theatre was still being finished, they began rehearsals for Barefoot in the Park, directed by David Palmer. In September of 1999, Cindy Poteet directed Forever Plaid. Unfortunately, after a long battle with cancer, Cindy passed away. A fundraising effort enabled the completion of the theatre, and a dedication performance titled Tribute was held on March 3, 2001 in honor of our theatre’s namesake. Selections from shows involving Cindy were performed that night; Charlie Brown, Godspell, Forever Plaid, and Nunsense. That night they especially enjoyed video footage of Cindy as Mother Superior in Nunsense. She was known for her humor, wit, and loving nature.

Over the past 20 years the Poteet Theatre has produced numerous critically acclaimed shows providing quality, family entertainment to the St. Luke’s congregation and the surrounding Oklahoma City community.

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Logan Fish

St. Luke’s Director of Arts Programming

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St. Luke's Poteet Theatre

222 NW 15th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73103