Hand Making Studio

Hand Making Studio

Classes / Workshops

Website: http://handmakingstudio.com

 828 W Main Street Apt 203 , Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Hand Making Studio is a place for creatives to work out of during the week. On the weekends it is a space for classes, art shows, pop-up shops, and whatever else comes along. We are passionate about empowering makers and creating a safe place to explore creativity and community. At Hand, creatives can have accountability and feedback in their work as well as a kick A girl squad to cheer them along. Our hope is that this will be a space to play creatively, collaborate, and grow. Also, there are a few super cute and kinda loud kids that live upstairs so if you want to work in complete silence, we are not the place for you. It’s gonna get loud but creativity always comes out of the chaos. We find a lot of freedom in the imperfect….and a little madness. But that it parenting in general, right?