Prairie Dance Theatre

Prairie Dance Theatre

Prairie Dance Theatre is a small 40-year-old nonprofit arts organization that goes into elementary schools in Oklahoma City, during PE classes or in our after-school program, to teach kids the joy of moving their bodies in a fusion of dance and fitness. At the end of the school year, the students from the schools come together for community performances of the dances they’ve learned.

We teach in schools that are underfunded at no charge to the school or dancers. Many of our students are exposed to drugs and gang violence regularly. Learning to dance encourages and inspires children to think about other things, like fun, physical activity, sharing and community.

Many of the dancers in our program get no exposure to the arts except through Prairie Dance Theatre. We feel so lucky to watch our students blossom as they learn to express themselves through dance and as they gain experience and confidence in themselves. PDT helps change these students’ perspectives of the world around them, and what they can achieve.


  PO Box 16097, Oklahoma City, OK 73113