Oklahoma City Philharmonic

Oklahoma City Philharmonic

The Oklahoma City Philharmonic was founded in 1988 and celebrates over 30 years of beautiful music in OKC. Under the direction of Alexander Mickelthwate, the orchestra performs Classics, orchestral Pops, and Discovery Family concerts, as well a variety of community engagements.

Our Educational mission is to nurture talent and interest in music across our community. We do this through a variety of programs designed for people of all ages.






  424 Colcord Dr B., Oklahoma City, OK 73102


We’ve Got Rhythm

Program description

This award-winning, three-part program for THIRD GRADE serves as an introduction to the orchestra. Participating students from around the Oklahoma City metro will enjoy two classroom visits and a trip to the Civic Center for a performance by the Philharmonic. Each participating teacher receives access to student workbooks and a teacher guide to prepare their students for each component and track their learning progress. Visit components may be scheduled in any order throughout the current school year. This program has a limited capacity and accepts registrations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additional schools will be added to a waitlist for the current school year.

  • WGR Component #1 – A Hands-On, in-school visit with our Instrument Playground allows students to see, touch, and play instruments from each family of the orchestra. A docent from the OKC Orchestra League will accompany to talk about each instrument family and the important role that each family plays in an orchestra.
  • WGR Component #2 – A Philharmonic ensemble performs a mini-concert in-school for students. The musicians talk about their instruments and discuss the elements of music, including melody, harmony and rhythm.
  • WGR Component #3 – The participating 3rd graders join hundreds of other children for the OKC Philharmonic’s annual YOUTH CONCERTS at the Civic Center, which is a culmination of everything the students have learned from the past two components.

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Program detail
Artistic discipline: Music
Cultural Origin:
Program type: Workshops & Classes (Out of School)
Population served: Grade 3
Subject: FIne Arts: Music
Bilingual: No